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pros and cons of facebook Fizza Naqvi
March 16, 2011
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 Got failed? Had a bad day? Ill? Dumped by the love of your life? Missing them? Need an advice? Need someone to listen about your interesting life? Facebook is your ‘man’!

Caring enough, my facebook keeps asking me ‘What’s on your mind?’ After I have answered this question, it reminds everyone in my ‘friend’s list’ that they need to pass ‘comment’ on my thoughts.  Being the centre of attraction of so many wonderful people feels great! And when these wonderful people need me, my facebook is generous enough to remind me of my social responsibilities and help me make a place in everyone’s good books. Not only this, facebook does a million of favours on me every day. Birthdays reminders’, anniversaries’ reminders ,updates  of people’s photo albums ,new posts by my fan pages, current affairs like who is new to facebook and which of my friend has got new Facebook friends and what they are talking about . In this single busy life it is very hard to keep track of all these things by my own self and my Facebook  updates does it for me without any self-interest. This is why I put every important work behind and spend every minute I am awake with my facebook. No matter if I get failed in my semester again, my facebook is never going to dump me like my school. Thanks to facebook, I can hide people from my profile who are going to post their graduation pictures!

BUT, this is not what should be happening. I had not planned to be such a disorganised person with so little or no achievements at all. Studying time should not be eaten up by Facebook. Socialising is an excuse I should use to keep sticking to Facebook. Is it right to keep busy, looking at cell phone using Facebook while sitting with your class mates? I think ‘no’.

Recent research (website-monitoring, 2010) suggests Facebook has 150 million active users every second of the clock. Chances are a wide majority of people around the globe stay with Facebook during most of their awaking time.

Truly said, excess of everything is wrong.  (Insidefacebook, 2009) 43% of the Facebook users belong to the age group 18-25 and 23% belong to 26-34. So, in total 66% of the Facebook is being used by the precious people who are either future or present of their nations and of this planet, Earth!

Facebook of course cannot be said a complete waste as (website-monitoring, 2009) it is a platform for over 1 million entrepreneurs and developers from over 180 countries. It is only the excess usage one should be against off. Moreover, excess of Facebook usage has had effected relationships; too much sharing of personal feelings can be offensive in various cases (Helium, 2010). Time wastage is another significant factor.

With the purpose of helping students the suggestion is; an aim of decreasing Facebook usage should be set. This will surely help in gaining self-organisation thus improving your status in the field of professionalism. After all, a student should be working like professional!


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