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Job Hunting Techniques

Jobcentre Plus is setup in every town centre by the government to support people of working age to find work. They help people in searching full time, part time or contract jobs. Aelia Masumi
February 18, 2011
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It is highly advisable for every student to be aware of the working laws and eligibility requirements about working in United Kingdom.

In this page...
Jobcentre Plus
Recruitment Agencies
National Press and Local Newspaper
Local Hunt
Unviersity and college career Centre
Graduate Career and job fairs/exibitions
Career Literatures and Directories
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Jobcentre Plus
Jobcentre Plus is setup in every town centre by the government to support people of working age to find work. They help people in searching full time, part time or contract jobs.
You can search job centre database for jobs either online at www.jobcentreplus.gov.uk or by visiting at your nearest jobcentre.
For more information visit www.jobcentreplus.gov.uk

Recruitment Agencies
Every town centre has few recruitment agencies and they offer a range of vacancies. All you need is to register with them and you can find full time, part time or contract jobs.
The best way to find recruitment agencies in your area and every category such as post offices, ATM locations and shopping places just click onwww.upmystreet.com and explore your location 

National Press and Local Newspaper
National Press and Local News Paper are also a valuable source to check for jobs. Here you can find jobs from higher management and skilled level to graduate job. The local news paper often publishes part time/ temporary jobs.
The web link of the most widely use National Press are-

Local Hunt
Part time or temporary jobs are available all the season in every city/locality especially in Restaurants, Pubs, Clubs, Cinemas, Hotels, Supermarkets, Corner shops, Shopping centres and Petrol pump. These jobs are hardly advertised in local news paper so only thing you need is to look around with your general visit them personally. These jobs are in high demand before Christmas.

University and College Careers Centre
All universities in UK have the university careers centre. They provide update information of current vacancies and help you in creating impressive CVs and Covering letters. Career Advisors provide advice about work experience, placement or job opportunities. 

Graduate Career and Job Fairs/Exhibitions
Every year graduate careers fairs are often organize by the universities and agencies. These fairs give you a great chance to interact with UK employers and to know about the graduate jobs/placements opportunities in their companies.

The most popular and very common method of job hunting preferred by most of the student is the internet. You just need to know about the best requirement sites and get registered. Many of the UK employers accept only online application so you can also apply for the graduate roles by visiting the company's homepage. 
The most widely recognised recruitment sites in UK are as follows:-

Career Literatures/ Directories
Career literatures are also popular among graduates. They come with hundreds of graduate jobs/internships/placements listing all major UK employers who want to recruit graduates. You can get these free directories from university careers centre.

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