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How to Show the Best Value of Your Online Degree

Online degrees have been widely accepted by most employers nowadays, but there are still small of portion of people have skeptical on the value of a degree earned entirely online. Jullie Harvard
March 15, 2011
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Online degrees have been widely accepted by most employers nowadays, but there are still small of portion of people have skeptical on the value of a degree earned entirely online. You may meet this group of people who may be your potential employer, how you are going to show them you have an online degree which equal in value with other degrees earned from traditional brick-and-mortal universities?

Here are few talking points which you can use to explain the value of your online degree:

1. Online degree from an accredited university

Most people who have skeptical about an online degree is they doubt on the legitimate of the degree because there are too many diploma mills are offering the "fake" degrees which can be purchased with the need to attend any courses. That's why accreditation has become a key measurement that distinguishes a legitimate school who offers legitimate online degree programs from a diploma mill. Beside telling people that your online degree is earned from an accredited school, you should also mention about the accrediting agency that perform the accreditation on the school and if there is a need, let them know how important of accreditation that can ensure the school's programs are following the standard outlines by the Department of Education.

2. Self-motivation & effective time management

Let's people know that being a success online student is not as easy as most of them think, you need to have a good time management skills and self-motivation to ensure you follow the program's schedule without somebody looks at your back. Most of employers prefer to hire candidates who are able to demonstrate the self-motivation and effective time management to get their job assignment done according pre-plan schedule. You have learned the two important skills from your online degree program which had put you at the advantage position that your competitors to grab the job opportunity.

3. Proven leadership skills to lead team across the border

With today's globalization, many companies have branches at difference location either within the country or at oversea. These companies need people who not only show leadership skills on face-to-face teams, but also be able to deal the remote workers through technology such as teleconference and web meetings.

Let's the employers know that your online degree program have group coursework and syllabus which not only allows students to share and learn from each others while helping them to develop a sense of community. Each member in the group will have had the opportunity to lead the online team, and with that you had opportunities to learn the leadership skills such as decision making, chairing and running online meeting, project planning and leading your team to complete the project within the deadline set by your professor. You are trained with the leadership skills that can enable you to lead team not just locally but also across the border.


A degree earned from online education had been widely accepted in the job market, but there are still some skeptical among small group of employers which required you to explain further about the value of your degree, and you should know how to defend it.

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