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International Student Health Insurance Benefits And Importance

Students plan to achieve higher education in a foreign country for better prospects. Jim Gardener
August 21, 2013
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Students plan to achieve higher education in a foreign country for better prospects.
With international student insurance they can pursue distant education without any obstacles. International schools and student visas require its students to have medical insurance to safeguard their life in a foreign country.

You need to have adequate international student insurancefor coverage outside your home country, since traditional insurance policies do not cover you abroad. It is imperative to have international student medical insurance for students pursuing education in USA and abroad. These plans are intended to underwrite students joining universities in USA as well as overseas.

Only US citizens are eligible for US based main-stream insurance plans. Government does not suggest any necessities for students studying in foreign country. But some private universities in USA instruct students to buy medical insurance before enrollment. Many individual universities in the US offer insurance themselves. However, students are advised to look for insurance plans outside these universities, at cheap rates. If medical insurance is bought outside the university, then the required waiver form can be filled by the insurance company.

International student medical insurance underwrites spouses and dependents (F4 visa) along with the students. You can opt for a different plan covering only your spouses and children. Adequate benefits are available with international student medical insurance at lower rates.

The medical maximum covered can be as high as $5 million, which matches that of the traditional insurance plans in USA. Periodic renewals of insurance plans ensure regular premium payments. Some international student insurancepolicies have a maximum limit of $200,000 to $500,000 per sickness or accident. Various insurance plans offer direct claims settlement through PPO network in USA. Students seeking initial treatment at University’s Student Health Center get a waiver on deductibles or have to pay lower deductibles.

Medical expenses such as; doctor visits, hospitalization, medical evacuation, prescribed drugs, surgery, terrorism etc, are covered by international student insurance. Besides, pregnancy or maternity expenses are also covered by some insurance policies.  

You can even avail emergency assistance services day and night. They will assist you in locating a doctor, finding emergency medical transportation and multilingual services in an unknown country. You can take advantage of these emergency services all throughout your stay.

Uncertainties might try to create obstacles, while you adapt yourself in new surroundings. Sickness or injuries in an unknown country is a financial disaster. But don’t worry! You now have a perfect international student insurance, to protect yourself and your dependants from medical emergencies.

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